Why you need additional security for your Microsoft 365?

Imagine you’re communicating with your colleague via Outlook. You’ve been writing a few emails back and forth. You don’t know each other too well because you have only been working together for a few months. After a couple of days, you receive a message from said colleague. They answer your last email and include an attachment, asking you to open and review it. You don’t even think about them being impersonated – they replied to your previous communication! Besides, you have read a lot about phishing and cybersecurity, even done some training, and are able to recognize emails with malicious intentions.

You open the attachment and suddenly your computer opens a program and installs something. Within seconds, your system is encrypted. Congratulations, you’ve become a victim of Email Conversation Thread Hijacking and attached Ransomware. Your computer is locked and within minutes, the network of your company is as well. Think you can get your data back? Not a chance.

91% of cyberattacks start with an email. Some of the attacks are easy to detect, some aren‘t. The above is an excellent example: Email Conversation Thread Hijacking is a very sophisticated attack that is not detectable even for well-trained employees. According to the Threat Researchers from Hornetsecurity’s Security Lab, the use of Email Threat Hijacking keeps increasing.



How to prevent these attacks?

It’s nearly impossible to detect such attacks. To prevent them, you need email security – as a Microsoft 365 user, you might think that the inbuilt security is enough.

But consider the cybercriminal’s point of view: Microsoft 365 has more than 250 million paid seats, most of them business customers, handling a lot of sensitive data. All these customers are protected by the same inbuilt security mechanisms. This means one security breach would make millions of potential targets. Cybercriminals do their best to find these breaches. 

Moreover, Microsoft does not offer backup or recovery options. If you are a victim of ransomware, just like in the example above, there’s no way of gettting your data back.

Internal factors can also put your data security at risk: from an employee accidentally deleting data, to malicious intentions, to system failures, to lost devices, or physical impacts like natural disasters.

What can you do? You shouldn’t risk your company’s safety. The number of risks is high, with threats getting more and more sophisticated. What you need is a robust cybersecurity solution that has it all.

365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup – the perfect second layer

Specifically developed for Microsoft 365, Hornetsecurity’s 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup combines next-gen features in an ALL-IN-ONE security suite.

Hornetsecurity’s Spam Filter and Malware Protection, with the highest detection rates on the market, detects and quarantines threats regardless of using email reply chain attacks or not. Hornetsecurity’s Advanced Threat Protection also detects Email Conversation Thread Hijacking as it inspects email contents regardless of being sent from a compromised account or not.

Moreover, Total Protection Enterprise Backup offers a robust backup and recovery solution that backs up mailboxes, Teams Chats, SharePoint and OneDrive document libraries, and Windows-based endpoints.