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This session looks at issues related to patient date, device data, and medical records. Who owns the data? Who has access to it? How long is it kept? How is it shared? And, importantly, how is the data secured? With the growth in Biometric data and web-enabled medical devices security and privacy issues have emerged. How do GDPR and regulatory frameworks affect the collection and storage of this data? What happens to the patient if this data is compromised by a cybersecurity breach or ransomware attack?

Supply Chain & SBoM

The Supply Chain topic has become such a critical issue it will take up a full day of our conference. The discussion will center around both the Software Bill of Materials (SBoM) and the Hardware Bill of Materials (HBoM). Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to know just what software is used in the products they buy. Attacks on supply chain can be subtle. Small changes that may go unnoticed can, over time, create huge supply chain issues (quality control, availability). Such small changes can be difficult to detect.

Energy & Utilities

Under the shadow of the war in the Ukraine and subsequent disruption of the European gas supply, this session will examine the regulatory perspective on standards, best practices, and base-line control systems. What are the security risks and compatibility issues unique to legacy power systems? How can these facilities be safely integrated with new green-field operations?

IACS Controls

This area of the program will focus on Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS). This topic touches on key areas of cybersecurity risk, including Cloud, IIoT, and Critical Infrastructure. These important topics will be explored through a variety of end-user case studies and a possible panel discussion.


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