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Diamond Sponsor – Threatlocker

  • What are the biggest cyber threats organizations need to be most vigilant about, and how is your company tackling them head-on?

The biggest cyber threats are zero-day vulnerabilities. Zero-day vulnerabilities, exploits, and active attacks are most frequently unknown threats. Many cybersecurity vendors operate based on known bad malware, so preventing these unknown threats/attacks is much harder. ThreatLocker prevents all software from running unless it is known to be good, as well as required to operate in an environment, mitigating both known and unknown threats, like zero-days.

  • What are the upcoming regulatory or compliance challenges that organizations may face in cybersecurity, and how is your company preparing to assist clients in meeting these challenges?

NIST 800-171A Rev.3 is currently drafted/proposed to alter the requirements for an organization’s application control strategy from “whitelisting or blocklisting” to requiring just “whitelisting”. ThreatLocker assists clients by providing a Zero Trust application whitelisting tool (Allowlisting) that operates on the exact premises described in the answer to question 1.

  • What exciting innovations or solutions can attendees expect from your company at the event, and why shouldn’t they miss the opportunity to visit your booth and attend your presentation?

ThreatLocker recently rolled out our MDR feature on top of our EDR product. What sets ThreatLocker’s EDR product and MDR feature apart from other products is that the rest of the ThreatLocker Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Platform prevent cyberattacks from occurring in an environment in the first place. However, ThreatLocker collects data on what is occurring as well as what is blocked in the Unified Audit. Now, ThreatLocker utilizes the EDR solution to alert organizations of suspicious activities, like reoccurring attempts to access unpermitted data, the network, or run unpermitted applications.

  • Why do you believe events like the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress are crucial for the cybersecurity community and industry as a whole?

In order to stay two steps ahead of cybercriminals, it is important for IT professionals and other cybersecurity industry leaders to be able to share next generation cybersecurity tools and strategies. Events like the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress present these individuals with the opportunity to educate themselves on what they need to implement into their strategies to better protect their organizations.