Our Ambassador program is an opportunity for influential and leading organizations representing technology, standards, education, development, and research to collaborate with the BCC in many areas including marketing, content development, speaking opportunities, and meeting hosting.

Discover the benefits of becoming an Ambassador!

Association visibility

Associate your institution with the leading event in cybersecurity and gain visibility by appearing on our BCC23's website, printing materials...

Premium tickets for your board

Obtain 3-5 Cyber Congress Pass (valued at €450) to your board association.

Exclusive discounts for your members

Obtain a 50% discount on Cyber Congress Pass and a 100% discount on Expo + Pass for all your members.

Physical Side Event

Depending on availability, you will be able to organize a physical side event/workshop/activity at the BCC23.

What do we expect from our Ambassadors?

Here you will find the materials you will need to promote the BCC23!

Event calendar

Presence of the Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress 2023 at the Ambassador "Event Calendar".

Newsletter and Emailing

Include the BCC23 content and discount codes 2-3 times in the newsletter/emailing to Ambassador's database.

Social Media

Continuous mentions in Social Media, e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs according to the campaign's lifecycle (2-3 times until January 2023).